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Jakob & Linda, Thank you so much for your wonderful site. They help me with my Portuguese and I help them with their English. I uploaded my picture after writing in the text for my profile.

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There were a few jerks that I met along the way, but that is to be expected anywhere you go.

But I have really enjoyed my experience on here and have met and made some wonderful friends along the way.

It sets up for just a quick intro and encourages people to take a leap toward setting up their own communication. I don't know what it is, but thank you and please don't ever transition to become like interpals or some other site, because this place is unique Just a quick note to say thank you so much for having created this site.

If it wasn't for you, then I would never have met what I am hoping will turn out to be my best friend forever.

you just proved to me that a human being can do wonders even if he's alone. Hello, I'm Katie from England and I used Penpal world for a year but had to delete it due to school and homework getting quite heavy.

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