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DAILY NEWS photo, Emrah GÜREL An official document penned by the Istanbul Provincial Education Directorate has surfaced, revealing that Turkey’s population administration system has been recording citizens who have Armenian, Jewish or Anatolian Greek (Rum) origins with secret “race codes.” The Armenian-Turkish weekly newspaper Agos published as its headline story on Aug.1 a report on an official document that openly states “citizens with Armenian origin are coded with ‘2.’” The implementation is reported to have been in place since 1923, the foundation year of the Turkish Republic.The migrant deal does give Ankara significant leverage over the EU, but that agreement may now be void.

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Most recently, Turkey’s Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu threatened to “blow the mind” of the EU by ending the migrant agreement and allowing some 15,000 Syrian refugees into the EU per month.

With this great bargaining chip possibly off the table, EU leaders and citizens have become even less receptive to Turkish posturing, much less the question of Turkish accession to the EU.

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Relations between Turkey and Europe have been tense for decades.

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