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Its effects were interpreted as post-traumatic stress disorder, which he brings home from World War II.

Traumatized soldiers often suffered from uncontrolled tremors and difficulty concentrating after combat missions in World War I and II.

According to his mother, Thorsten’s superiors think he’s being insubordinate and have him court martialed several times. In his apartment, he forgets several times to turn off the stove.

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She should come home immediately, as Arnold was non-responsive.

She hurries home, but Arnold had already been taken by ambulance to the hospital. Devastated by the prospect of his degenerative disease, he tries to commit suicide and takes an overdose of sleeping pills.

People first assumed that Anton had Parkinson´s disease. began dating her future husband, the family hid the already sick father in law.

He came to Hessen in the 1930s as a soldier from a small village in the Ruhr region with a population of only one hundred.

“For a very long time there were no children in this house, and we are looking forward to the new perspectives,” says the mother in law. The grandmother in law chastises the couple: “Please don´t stay childless.

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