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This chemical reaction is exothermic, that is, it produces the chemical energy that is needed to drive all the other chemical reactions and functions of a cell.

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Jim Dewar, North Gosford The carbon dioxide breathed out is a by-product of the process of cell respiration, as is water. Glucose plus oxygen produces carbon dioxide, water and energy. John Blackhawk, Umina Beach The food and drink we eat can be broken into carbon compounds, one of the most simple being glucose (C6H12O6).

The carbon dioxide is dissolved in the blood, carried to the lungs by the circulation, and breathed out.

Dr John Frith, Paddington Every living cell of our body carries out the energy-releasing process of respiration, where glucose (a simple sugar) is slowly "burnt" (oxidised) to give off carbon dioxide (excreted through the lungs) and water.

In this process, energy is produced in the mitochondria of cells. When that reacts with oxygen (O2) in the cells, it produces carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O). We use the energy and the carbon dioxide is breathed out as gas.

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