Who is steven adler dating

He hasn’t done a great deal of exercises and never went to the gym for workouts.

Living the dream in the 80s and 90s, he and his band members chose to do things the Rock and Roll way; drugs and women.

But he struggled with his drugs problems and thus on the July 11, 1990 was officially fired from the band.

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Steven Adler was born on January 22, 1965 in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. try, try again -- and with that idea in mind, Steven Adler is going back for another season of "Celebrity Rehab" ... READ MORE Guns N' Roses drummer Steven Adler is going to rehab again -- but this time there won't be any reality show cameras involved.

He has been married to Carolina Ferreira since January 23, 2002. See full bio on IMDb » The doctor commissioned to save Prince's life treated one of the most strung out rock stars in history. The former "Celebrity Rehab" star was in court today where the judge… READ MORE November rain came three months early, as Guns 'N' Roses drummer Steven Adler broke down in court this AM after pleading "Not guilty" to drug charges. READ MORE Steven Adler -- who was arrested for drugs and an outstanding warrant yesterday -- appeared outside the LAPD Hollywood station with his bail bondsman, and was in bright, er, spirits.

With a last recorded body weight of about 80 kg., he has lost his shape and put on some weight, maybe because of his age.

He used to be a slim boy and has got a few shirtless pictures from his past days that are available in the media where he has exposed himself. He is a very nice looking man, who was certainly more attractive in his younger days and is known for his long blonde hair, and shiny blue eyes.

By 2015, his estimated net worth is about $15 million US dollars.

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